Shanghai Conservatory Of Music‘s Art Grading Test

    Shanghai Conservatory Of Music was established in 1927, which is the earliest advanced professional music school. It is also one of the first-rate music school in the world. It is ranked as the second-prize among all the well-known music college around the world, and only ranked second to Juilliard Music School in the United States. Shanghai Conservatory Of Music enjoy a high reputation in the world, and it‘s honored  as the "Cradle of the Musicians".
Shanghai Conservatory Of Music‘s Art Grading Test has been praised as the justice, preciseness, earnest, and formal style of work as well as the eminent social reputation of the undertaker when it set up its grading test branch center in Zhongshan, which is widely admitted and commended by all sectors of society.

    The undertaker of Shanghai conservatory Of Music‘s Art Grading Test is Tongxin Art Institution. Tongxin Art Institution has the capability of holding both grading test and music competition contemporarily. What‘s more, it is the music school which also has the best teacher resources at present. Due to the remarkable contribution to the grading test, Tongxin Art Institution was honored as the "National Excellent Grading Test Organization" by Chinese Culture Society Art Education Institution in 2007.




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