About us
TongXin Academy Of Arts, specializing in teaching instrumental music, was founded in 2003. The Academy is affiliated with the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and uses methodical materials published by Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Through professional and rigorous teaching, TongxXin Academy of Arts brings to child the academic music education from beginner level to preparing for music university′s exams.
TongXin Academy Of Arts currently offering piano, violin, cello, double bass, flute and other subjects, provided by the most experienced Zhongshan teachers, as well as by renowned chinese and international music performers and teachers.
In close cooperation with Shanghai Conservatory of Music, TongXin Academy′s students regularly joining all-chinese exam and participating at masterclasses of chinese and foreign musicians. We are proud of our excellent reputation in the community, as well as of our social activities: music concerts in the best Zhongshan Concert Halls, international educational and travel projects. January 2008 the TongXin Academy of Arts was rated as: "Excelent National Entrepreneur”.
Address:Zhongshan City Ai Road Grand Garden Central Plaza、 Tel:0760-88882111、 Mobile:13925308811
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